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Adult Green Turtle Snowboarding Snow Turtle Knee Support Hip Protector

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Product Type: Protective gear

Vendor: Susliving


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Introducing our cozy and lovable turtle butt pad, inspired by cute sea turtles. These hip and knee guards are designed specifically to enhance your winter snowboarding adventure. Available in sizes for both adults and teenagers, these protective pads are the perfect companion for beginners in the world of winter sports. Slip them on and experience ultimate comfort and safety for your knees and hips as you navigate those slippery slopes.  

Not only are these pads functional, but they also come in a range of adorable designs that allow you to hit the slopes in style. Embrace the perfect blend of protection and fashion as you hone your snowboarding skills. 

Our intimate turtle-shaped protectors offer unparalleled support and cushioning, ensuring a comfortable ride as you strive for perfection on the slopes. Don't let the fear of falls or injuries hold you back – strap on these pads and embark on your snowboarding journey with confidence.



Size: Large 

Ideal for: teenagers and adults

Approximate Weight: 2.1 kg 


    Material: PP Cotton + PV Velvet

    Design: Double strap (knees)

    Package Size:  42cmx20cmx30cm

    Animal Shape: Green Turtle


    In the box:  

    Hip Protector x 1 

    Knee Protector x 2

    Option to select just the hip or the knees only based on your skill level. 


    Video Demo: