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Susliving Detachable Gardening Chair Folding Stool Garden Tool Storage Bag With Tool Set

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Product Type: Cultivating Tools

Vendor: Susliving


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Indulge in the art of gardening with the exquisite Susliving Detachable Gardening Chair Folding Stool, complete with a Garden Tool Storage Bag and a premium 10-piece tool set. This opulent gardening ensemble redefines both form and function, elevating your horticultural pursuits to a level of sophistication unparalleled in the gardening world.

Crafted for the discerning gardener, this set seamlessly blends style and substance. The detachable chair offers a resplendent fusion of comfort and utility, affording you a serene vantage point to admire your botanical masterpiece. Meanwhile, the Garden Tool Storage Bag, designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensures your tools are always within reach, adding a touch of convenience to your gardening experience.

The pièce de résistance is the impeccable 10-piece tool set, featuring top-tier gardening essentials meticulously chosen for their quality and performance. Each tool embodies precision and durability, promising a gardening venture marked by excellence.

As if that weren't enough, the Susliving Detachable Gardening Chair Folding Stool and its accompanying toolset make for an extraordinary gift, perfect for surprising your cherished parents or esteemed friends. Elevate their gardening experience and celebrate the beauty of the outdoors with this exceptional ensemble. With Susliving, the garden becomes a sanctuary of elegance and functionality.



Detachable Chair: The set includes a comfortable, detachable gardening chair that provides a convenient and ergonomic seating solution while you tend to your garden.

Folding Stool: The chair doubles as a folding stool, making it easy to store when not in use. Its compact design ensures it won't take up unnecessary space in your garden shed or storage area.
Garden Tool Storage Bag: The set includes a high-quality Garden Tool Storage Bag that keeps your gardening tools organized and easily accessible. It features multiple pockets and compartments for efficient tool storage.

Premium 10-Piece Tool Set: The tool set comprises 10 high-quality gardening essentials, each designed for specific tasks. These tools are made from durable materials and feature ergonomic handles for comfortable use.

Quality Construction: Both the chair and tools are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring they withstand the rigours of gardening and provide lasting performance.

Rust-Resistant Tools: The included gardening tools are constructed from rust-resistant materials, guaranteeing their longevity and reliability even in outdoor conditions.

Convenience: This set offers a convenient and comprehensive solution for all your gardening needs, from seating to tool storage and a variety of essential tools.

Foldable Design: The chair/stool's foldable design and compact storage bag make this set ideal for gardens of all sizes, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Great Gift Idea: It serves as an exceptional gift for gardening enthusiasts, making it a thoughtful and practical present for parents, friends, or anyone passionate about gardening.

Elegance and Functionality: The Susliving Detachable Gardening Chair Folding Stool and tool set combine elegance and functionality, enhancing your gardening experience with style and utility.



    • Material: 600D Oxford cloth
    • Package Size: 50.3cm x 39.6cm x 10.5cm
    • Colour: Green 
    • Weight Capacity: 65kg

    Package Content

    • 1 x Lightweight chair 
    • 1 x Removeable Tote Nag
    • 1 x Digger Claws gloves
    • 1 x 3m Binding Wire Roll
    • 1 x Water spray bottle (Green or White)
    • 1 x Rake 
    • 1 x Cultivator
    • 1 x Pruning Shears
    • 1 x Shovel