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Gadget Arcade Party Games 100 pcs Stress relief Stretchy Chick Fidget Flying Slingshot

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Introducing the GA Chicken Slingshot – a whimsical and lively toy shaped like a charming rooster, designed to evoke the joy of childhood! Each pack contains 100 slingshot chickens, making it the perfect companion for sharing laughter with friends. Picture the delight at a party as rubber chickens soar through the air, sticking to various surfaces – a spectacle that promises endless entertainment. The GA Slingshot Chicken, crafted from environmentally friendly TPR material, ensures a safe and non-toxic play experience. Ideal for outdoor games and office pranks, this rubber chicken slingshot is a source of immense fun for kids and teens. An original creation by Gadget Arcade.

Features & Details:

GA provides a pack of 100 Rubber Chicken Slingshots for a hilarious outdoor gaming experience. Share the laughter with friends and make every moment memorable!

HOW TO PLAY RUBBER CHICKEN SLINGSHOTS: Place your index finger in the hole under the chicken's head and pull its tail with the other hand. Aim and shoot at the target – GA Chicken Slingshot can propel quite a distance! Witness the amusing sight of slingshot chickens flying in various settings, sticking to walls, ceilings, and even your friend's back before gently falling off. Perfect for outdoor games and delightful party favor for kids and teens.

FUNNY GIFTS FOR KIDS: Crafted from kid-friendly TPR material, a high-quality stretchy rubber, these slingshot chickens make perfect Easter gifts for children and teens. Each GA slingshot chicken measures approximately 10.8cm/4.3 inches in length, with a maximum pull length exceeding 60cm/23.6 inches. Enjoy excellent flexibility with minimal risk of breakage.

EASY TO WASH: When slingshot chickens get dirty, simply wash them with soap and water for a quick and easy clean. Play indoors or outdoors without worrying about getting dirty – GA slingshot chickens are environmentally friendly toys that can be cleaned multiple times.

In the pack: 

100 pcs of Rubber Chicken Slingshot


Parent Catious: Avoid aiming the rubber chicken slingshot at vulnerable parts of the body, such as the eyes, to prevent injury. Suitable for both adults and children aged 5 years and older.