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Susliving 4 in 1 Gardening Soil PH Tester Sunlight Moisture Test Monitor

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As a professional gardener or gardening enthusiast , you know that the pH level of soil is critical to plant growth and health. Maintaining the right pH level can be a challenge, but with a multipurpose pH tester, you can quickly and easily test the pH level of your soil and make the necessary adjustments. 

Accurate pH Level Testing: A multipurpose pH tester can accurately measure the pH level of your soil, ensuring that you provide the ideal conditions for your plants to grow. By measuring the pH level, you can determine whether your soil is too acidic or too alkaline and make the necessary adjustments to create a more balanced pH level.

Increased Plant Growth: By using a multipurpose pH tester to maintain the ideal pH level for your plants, you can promote better nutrient uptake and increase plant growth. When the pH level is too acidic or alkaline, it can affect the availability of nutrients in the soil, limiting the plant's ability to absorb the necessary nutrients for growth.

Easy to Use: A multipurpose pH tester is a user-friendly device that requires minimal technical knowledge to operate. Simply insert the tester into the soil, and within seconds, you will have an accurate reading of the pH level. This makes it easy to test your soil regularly and make adjustments as needed to ensure your plants are thriving.

Cost-Effective: Investing in a multipurpose pH tester is a cost-effective way to maintain optimal soil conditions for your plants. By testing the pH level yourself, you can avoid the cost of hiring a professional and save money on unnecessary fertilizers or soil amendments. 



  • 4-in-1 Soil Tester for plants and lawns
  • The sensitive 200mm probe and light sensor window provides five units of accurate & precise measured results, Measure sunlight (9 levels), soil moisture (5 levels), soil PH (12 classes) and temperature (0C & 0F)
  • Oversized LCD with a clear display, backlight and auto power off.
  • This instrument is excellent for measuring the growing conditions of all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants and garden evanescence. A beneficial one in lawn care is determining soil conditions in different garden areas and finding the correct grass seed.
  • Auto shut power off.
  • Portable and easy to operate


  • Model: TR02
  • Material: Plastic
  • Probe Length: Approx 19.5cm
  • Sunlight Test Range(9 levels): LOW-, LOW, LOW+, NOR-, NOR, NOR+, HGH-, HGH, HGH+
  • Moisture Test Range(5 levels): DRY+, DRY, NOR, WET, WET+
  • PH value Test Range(12 levels): 3.5~9.0PH
  • Temperature: -9~500C (16~1220F)
  • Accuracy: 10C/10F
  • pH: 0.5pH
  • Low battery indicator
  • Power Supply: 9V battery 
  • Working Temperature: 5~400C
  • Certification: CE

Package Content:

-1 x Soil PH Tester

-1 x 9V Battery Optional (battery not available to express shipping option)

- User Manual printed on the packaging