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40m Garden Irrigation Kit

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Product Type: Garden Tool

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  • WATERING CUSTOMIZATION: – Water all plants at once. The nozzle has two water outlet modes, columnar and mist, and each nozzle can be individually adjusted to meet the water needs of different plants at the same time.
  • SAVING WATER: -Plants drip irrigation system can save up to 70% in water savings. The precision watering system delivers just the right amount of water slowly and precisely right where your plant needs it – at the root zone.
  • APPLICATION: -Automatic irrigation kit is great for agriculture, lawn, garden, patio, greenhouse, mist cooling/irrigation, irrigation, humidification, balcony cooling. The water flow of each drip head can be individually adjusted. Just turn the drip irrigation head to set the flow.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: – Professional quality drip hose made by high quality, UV resistant materials, unmatched resistance to chemicals. Reduce water consumption and you do not have to worry about your plans, whether you are at home or not. In summer, a cool outdoor area is offered.
  • Tips: -Soak the end of the hose in hot water for one minute before sliding on the connectors. It gets easier and when it cools, the tube stays tight. Three simple steps to install without digging or installing this USER MANUAL micro-spray irrigation system. You can cut the hose to the desired size as needed.


  • Material: PVC
  • Hose Length: 40 meters
  • Water Pressure: Max. 6 baps 150 psi

Package Content

1 x 40m Hose Length

1 x Y Type Quick Connector

1 x Faucet Connector

2 x Quick Connector

1 x Teflon Tape

15 x Nozzles

20 x Drippers

2 x End Closures

15 x Nozzles Tees

50 x Dripper Tees

35 x Ground Inserters

15 x Fixed Stem

Computer not included