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5 Pcs Stretchy Fidget Flying Chicken Turkey Party Fillers Gift Sticky ADHD Toy

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Elevate your playtime with the Stretchy Fidget Flying Chicken – a dynamic and distinctive toy that promises hours of entertainment for both kids and adults. Crafted in the image of a chicken, its pliable body and wings beckon to be stretched and pulled in various directions, ensuring a tactile and captivating experience. The durable rubber material ensures longevity, withstanding the rigors of frequent use.

But here's where the excitement takes flight – literally! Launch this whimsical fowl into the air like a slingshot, as the stretchy body and wings propel it with exhilarating energy. Experience the thrill of its lifelike wing-flapping motion as it soars through the air. Not just a high-flyer, the Stretchy Fidget Flying Chicken also doubles as an excellent fidget toy, providing a satisfying sensory experience for those who love to fidget.

Compact and portable, this toy is your perfect companion for on-the-go adventures and shared moments of joy with friends. Plus, its easy-to-clean design ensures a fresh start for repeated enjoyment. Uniquely, the Stretchy Fidget Flying Chicken is not just a one-time delight – it's dry wipeable and reusable, adding a sustainable touch to your playtime decisions.

Seize the opportunity to infuse your playtime with action-packed fun and endless possibilities. Make the Stretchy Fidget Flying Chicken your go-to choice for an unparalleled blend of excitement and uniqueness – a surefire way to bring smiles to faces of all ages!


TPR is a non-toxic and environment-friendly material with a hardness and dynamic viscosity allocated.

Turkey is soft and sticky, stretchable by hand, and can be catapulted onto walls and glass.

Because of the viscosity, it is easy to become dirty when dropped on the ground. It can be washed and reused


  • Material: TPR
  • Size: 11cm x 1.5cm/pc
  • Age guide: 5y+, do not swallow
  • Colour: Yellow. Red

Package Content

  • 5 x Rubber Chicken slingshot