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Art DIY Paint by Numbers Kit Large 40 by 50 Oil Painting Girl With the gift of the ocean

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Product Type: Paint Art

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The "Mermaid Underwater" paint-by-numbers art kit is a stunning piece of art that features a beautiful mermaid surrounded by an underwater world. The intricately detailed mermaid is the focal point of the painting, with her flowing hair and shimmering tail capturing the imagination. Her facial features are delicate and detailed, with her eyes and lips drawing the viewer in.

The background of the painting is just as enchanting, with a mix of blues and greens that create an underwater world filled with bubbles, plants, and sea creatures. Each pre-numbered area on the canvas corresponds to a specific paint colour, making it easy for painters of all skill levels to create a beautiful work of art.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced painter, the Mermaid underwater paint kit provides a relaxing and rewarding activity that will leave you with a stunning piece of artwork to display. Order now and experience the magic of creating your own beautiful mermaid painting.


Magnificent beauty-- Experience the peace and stillness painting by number brings to your mind and spirit. With everything provided for you and the composition is taken care of, you’ll be able to enter a calm state and be immersed in colour.

Minimum fuss-- With a range of sizes, you’ll have brushes for perfectly filled lines. With all the acrylic paint colours provided, you’ll need water and a cloth for rinsing brushes to get started. 

Your art to hang-- Proudly show off your artistic side with a finished piece in abstract colours, ready to hang with its timber frame, or keep it safely stored away for a rainy day.


Size: 40cm x 50cm or 16 inches by 20 inches.

Weight: 200g

Material: Linen Cloth, Dye, Paper

Package Content

3 x Brush

1 x Set Acrylic Paints in toothpaste tube (Most of our products have their paint upgraded to the toothpaste option, in rare cases, you may receive paint in individual capsules)

1 x Canvas

1 x Paper Template