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Replacement Cloths x 8 Mop Head Two Sided Use



Product Type: Window Cleaner

Vendor: Susliving


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Washing windows is tiring, tedious work, and it can even be downright nerve-wracking.

This cleaning cloth is used in The Susliving window cleaner and helps to clean your window easily and effortlessly. 


- Specifically designed for Susliving window Cleaning Robot Cloth
- Crafted with superfine fiber for product protection, preventing odour-causing bacteria
- Exhibits strong water absorption, durability, fast drying, and resistance to insects
- Ideal for various surfaces including glass, laminate, marble tiles.
- No fading, high-temperature resistance, and no hair removal for extended use
- Supports repeated washing, ensuring longevity

- Two sided use cloth: swap to the other side after done with one side
- Regular replacement of spare parts enhances the Window Cleaner Robot's cleaning performance.

Colour: grey

Material: fibre

Package Contents:

  • Two Sided replacement cloth x 8