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Kids Friendly Extended Bottle Jar Easy Opener Adjustable Twister

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Product Type: Bottle Opener

Vendor: Susliving


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This multiuse beer and jar opener provides an easy and effortless way to open and unopen most of the jars, cans, and drink bottles. You can use it to unpack your parcel, untighten a cap on canned fruit, further, to open a bottle of your favorite beverage.
Some may find opening the can or bottle cumbersome. The extended length of this simple device ensures saving of your energy. It also makes it safe and easy to open an item for people of all age. You can also put the opener in different positions for jars of different sizes.  


Material: ABS+ Rubber

Color: Yellow, Blue

Size: 19.5cm*9cm* 2cm

Package Content

Bottle Jar Opener 

Safety Procedure: 

Hold the item tightly on a flat surface with one hand, and hold on to the opener firmly with the other hand. Put the cap into the desired position and turn using the recommended SIGN on the opener.