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Guided Abalone Discovery Tour With Two Swimming Pool Session



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Dive into the excitement of abalone discovery with our Guided Tour, featuring two refresher pool sessions. Led by experienced guides, this adventure is tailored for both beginners and experienced freedivers.

Start with a comprehensive orientation covering equipment, safety, and sustainable diving practices. The tour includes two refresher pool sessions to refine skills, practice breath-holding, and boost confidence under the guidance of experienced divers.

Transition from the pool to diverse marine environments, exploring underwater ecosystems in carefully selected locations. Gain insights into sustainable spearfishing practices and marine conservation.

Join us for a thrilling yet educational experience that blends the excitement of abalone discovery with a commitment to preserving marine ecosystems. 


-Two interactive refresher swimming pool sessions rehearsing freediving skills. 

-Guided dive at one of Melbourne's most sought-after beaches.

-Opportunity to catch Black Lip abalone and sea urchins plus the chance to encounter Australian Lobster 




-Ticket for General Access to Public Swimming Pool for the indoor session 

-Interactive tutoring to refresh your underwater skills in the swimming pool

-Fishing license of the day 

-Guided abalone discovery experience at one hidden snorkelling/ freedive heaven.

-Fishing License on the day


  • Diving equipment, participants are required to bring their equipment. Which includes: snorkel & mask, freediving fin, weight belt system, wetsuit, hood, socks and diving glove.  Additional Service fee applicable for equipment rental via a local dive shop. 
  • Transportation



Participants need to demonstrate basic underwater skills including 

  • Be able to swim at least 100 m non-stop
  • Have completed the AIDA Medical Form
  • Have completed the liability release