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Low Temperature Aluminium Welding Rod Solution Electrodes Strikes Melt 2.0*330mm



Product Type: Welding Rod

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Warm aluminium flux cored wire can weld almost all white metals, including aluminium, aluminium alloy, aluminium-magnesium alloy and dissimilar welding between the above metals, even for white metals that have been severely corroded or contaminated by oil, and even aluminium that is considered irreparable. All alloys can be repaired. Suitable for all-around welding by primary welding operators, only a small heating device is needed, the weld strength after welding is generally higher than the strength of the base metal itself, and it is enough to know the gas welding operation.

Instructions for use of low-temperature aluminium welding wire

Step 1: through physical cleaning, polishing the surface.

Step 2: Heat the surface of the base metal at the welding place until the temperature reaches the working temperature of the welding wire 380℃-400℃, so that the welding wire can be melted by the heat conduction of the base metal to form a weld. When the surface temperature of the material is sufficient, the welding wire can flow and penetrate into the metal capillary well.

Step 3: When repairing thinner aluminium, just heat the aluminium base material to a suitable working temperature, and then use the welding wire to friction and fuse to form a weld. Only use a metal brush to melt the welding wire to fill the weld to form a weld.

Step 4: Small parts are welded with propane gas, and large parts are heated and welded with industrial gas or induction heating device. Naturally slow cooling after welding


Size: 2.0 x 330mm

Aluminium core diameter: 2.0mm

Material: Aluminum alloy

Melting point: 420(℃)

Scope of application: Low-temperature aluminium welding wire can weld almost all white metals

Storage: Store in a ventilated and dry place, can be stored for a long time

Package Content

20/50 x Aluminum Electrodes Stricks

Pay attention to details in the operation

1. The surface of the base material must be cleaned up. Clean and weld

2. The temperature of the base material must reach 400°C, including the temperature of the base material during the welding process, and the temperature can be high or low.

3. Taboo use flame to burn the welding wire deliberately. After the base metal temperature reaches 400℃, the welding wire will naturally melt by the heat conduction of the base metal.