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Metallic Black Backpack Dry Wet Separate Duffle Bag Convertible Strap Sports

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  • [High -quality] Made of high -water nylon, it is light and durable, so you don't have to worry about it tearing or rupture during the journey. Waterproof materials can also help you separate wet and dry objects, and protect the equipment from rain or water.
  • [Large capacity] Size: about 46 × 25 × 25 cm, 30 -liter capacity, several pockets, 1 main pocket+ 2 side bags+ 1 front bag+ 1 hip+ 1 hip+ 1 shoe set+ 1 wet/dry/dry /Dry separation box, provide the same packaging as a small travel case.
  • [Wet and dried] Using a wet -dried separator, you can accommodate wet towels, sweat and wet clothes to help you separate wet and dry objects during travel and training.
  • [Various backpack methods]] It can be dual, cross -hand, various backs, fashion and fashion.
  • [Extensive application] This travel bag can easily accommodate all your fitness or travel items, suitable for fitness pockets, luggage bags, overnight on weekends. It is a perfect, reliable partner for fitness, travel, travel, weekend, luggage, shopping, hiking and camping.
  • [Independent shoes comment] Shoes and clothes are separated, so don't worry about cleaning.




-Made of high-density nylon, resistant to wear, tearing and breaking. 
-30L capacity, multiple pockets, 1 main pocket, 2 side pockets, 1 front pocket, 1 back pocket, 1 shoe compartment, 1 wet/dry separation compartment.
-Wet-dry separation compartments allow you to store wet towels, sweaty and wet clothes, etc. to help you separate wet and dry items when travelling and exercising.
-A variety of backpack methods, Can be worn on the shoulder, cross body or handheld.
-It is the perfect, reliable companion for fitness, sports, travel, weekends, luggage, shopping, hiking and camping.


Material: polyester
Capacity: 30L
Colour: black


Package Included:
1x Backpack