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Susliving Designer Featured Artificial Grass Panel Autumn Feel 24.6 Inch by 63 inch

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Product Type: Wall Paneling

Vendor: Susliving


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Introduce your space to a timeless piece of modern elegance with Susliving's Designer Feature Panel. Crafted with lush artificial grass, this sustainable wall panel offers a lasting sophistication and easy maintenance, leaving you with a luxurious, yet effortless chic look.


  • Size: 60cm x 160cm =0.96m2
  • Weight:  4 kg


  • 40 x 60 watergrass panel x 4 
  • Long stem grasses: 9 pcs 
  • Connecting Cables x 1 pack


Susliving Sustainability Program: 

Susliving guarantees that all Faux grass panels supplied by us are ethically sourced and manufactured, ensuring they are free from child labour. Environmental consciousness is fundamental to our mission. Hence, upon the completion of this product's lifecycle, we pledge to furnish you with a 25% credit* voucher for your next purchase from us, contingent upon your return of the retired item to our designated recycling centre.