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Susliving Portable Negative Ion Air Purifier Necklace Black

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Product Type: Air Purifier

Vendor: Susliving


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Portable Black air purifier 

A portable air purifier is an effective and posh device to have during the spring season. The purifier releases negative ions and repels mini particles in the air, therefore purifying the energy field around you. More importantly, this helps significantly reduce our allergic reactions to pollen and protects our well-being. This purifier necklace is great for anyone to use. You can recharge it with the provided USB cable in your car, at home or going out when connected to a power bank.

Worried about sneezing, coughing or watery eyes spending time with family and friends?

We believe no one should be the victim of pollen allergic reactions and miss out on the joy of outdoor activities. 

This upgraded black edition also gives a fashionable and eye-catching appearance making it a fantastic gift idea for him/her/it. 



  • Quite  
  • Portable 
  • Long standby time 
  • No filter replacement needed
  • Reduce allergic reactions to particles in the air
  • Hay Fever Relief!


Item Name: Personal Black Purifier Silver

Colour: Black
Material: ABS (housing) 
Charging Time: 60 Minutes
Length of Use: Up to 30 Hours
Power Supply: USB
Battery Capacity: 250mAh

Distance of coverage: 1m

Input Voltage:  5 V
Item Size: 70mmX30mmX18mm 


In the Box: 

1 x Air Purifier & Necklace
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual