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Vintage Decorative Folding Fan Bamboo



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Introducing a Large Decorative Vintage Bamboo Folding Fan measuring 102cm in length, this exquisite piece is a fusion of history and artistry. Crafted with a blend of traditional and modern elements, it embodies the perfect harmony of elegance and style.

Constructed from select high-quality bamboo, this fan is lightweight yet durable, offering a comfortable feel. Each bamboo rib is meticulously polished and treated to ensure a smooth, refined texture while showcasing the unique natural grain and color of bamboo.

Its charming design details, such as classical motifs or vintage patterns, bring the elegance and romance of bygone eras into modern living spaces. When unfurled, it presents a magnificent presence, adding a unique decorative ambiance to any room.

This Large Decorative Vintage Bamboo Folding Fan serves not only as a visually stunning decor piece but also as a remarkable reflection of personal taste and style. Whether used as a home accent or a special event accessory, it captures attention and enhances your space with its distinctive allure.