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Susliving PINK & WHITE Flocked Snow 6FT 1.80m Fairy Tree TREE Pink Xmas in July

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Product Type: Christmas Tree

Vendor: Susliving


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PINK & WHITE Christmas Tree   

6ft / 1.80 m   -  748 Tips

Celebrating the most precious time of the year with this brilliant flocking snow tree, watching the snow fillers fit perfectly onto this stylish fading pink Xmas tree.   This tree is something your family and friends will discuss for years to come. So unique and different, the Ombre effect of this tree is one to remember. This tree is a bit of fun - With its white top fading down to a deep pink base.

The tips are pencil-shaped tips, covered in snow fillers, that are the best for hanging decorations on and displaying your unique ornaments. The list goes on; many colors could be paired with this tree, from matt whites to soft baby pink. 

This tree has hinged branches that fold easily to spruce out branches for a great-looking tree fully.

It comes with a sturdy metal base and a metal center pole.



Height:             6ft / 180cm

Width:              96 cm 

Tips:                748 

Colour:            Pink fading to White, WHITE Powdered snow

Feature:          Flocked Snow

Material:         PVC

Sturdy White Metal Base


The white & pink Xmas tree requires some assembly and branches will require fanning out to achieve the full look shown in the photo