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IonIon MX Portable Negative Ion Air Purifier Description

IONION MX ultra-lightweight portable air purifier! The world's lightest, comfortable to wear, elegant to wear, always enjoy good air, and remove 99.9% of PM2.5 fine suspended particles! Negative ions can inhibit sympathetic nerves that tend to be active due to stress, staying up late and the influence of electromagnetic fields, and activate parasympathetic nerves, so it has an effect on the autonomic nerve regulation of allergic causes. Some articles point out that the metabolism of serotonin will accelerate as soon as negative ions appear. This IONION MX continuously produces 690,000 oxygen negative ions per second; 20g is extremely lightweight and has no burden to hang; it has an exclusive patented ion power introduction plate; Japanese certification, removes carcinogenic aerosol PM2.5 with a removal rate of 99.9%; SGS certification, removal The removal rate of deadly pollution poisons and formaldehyde is 94.6%; Japan JAIRA Functional Negative Ion Association Level 5 certification! No ozone, no consumables, super quiet, it is a boon for people with hay fever or allergies!

Product specifications:
1. The world's lightest and smallest PM2.5 ultra-lightweight portable air purifier
2. Only 20g, extremely lightweight, no burden to wear
3. Removal of carcinogenic aerosol PM2.5 with a removal rate of 99.9%
4. Removal of deadly pollution poisons and formaldehyde removal rate of 94.6%
5. Continuously produce 690,000 oxygen negative ions every second
6. It can be used for 30 hours when fully charged
7. Exclusively developed ion power introduction plate to accelerate the fall of pollutants and breathe easily through the nostrils
8. Zero electromagnetic wave, zero ozone, zero noise
9. Suitable for people with hay fever, asthmatics, passive smokers aversion, long-term passengers, people who often suffer from insomnia, people who are easily restless, people who use 3C for a long time, people who fly by plane or Shinkansen
10. Obtained the highest level of ion generation (level 5) honor recognition
11. Japan, SGS certification

How to use:
-The blue light is ON, and it can also be put into a jacket pocket for use. Please put the launch hole upward when putting it in
-The ion emission hole should be kept clean frequently; please do not put your finger in the emission hole
-Use the ball on the sling to adjust the line length; the most ideal wearing position falls on the second button of the shirt 
Produce 750,000 oxygen-negative ions per second (MX 69 million)

Weight 22g

Exclusive patent ion power introduction board

Japanese certification to remove carcinogenic aerosol PM2.5 with a removal rate of 99.9%

SGS certification to remove the deadly pollution poison formaldehyde) the removal rate of 94.6%

Japan JAIRA Functional Negative Ion Association Level 5 Certification

No ozone, no consumables, super quiet

Can hang on the neck/shirt

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